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KÄÄPÄ team


Would you like to work with us, but cannot find a position you are interested in?

You can send us your CV and an open application via email to


Are you a student? Maybe some of these Vacation Work & Internship fields will spark your passion for fungi:

- Video editing (Educational Fungi content generation) - remote

- Video production (Podcast setup & Educational Fungi content generation) - remote

- Online content generation (writing, scripting, communications) - remote

- Mushroom Farm Assistance - on-site (Karjalohja, Finland)

If the work is of ongoing value to us and you, employment opportunities are possible. Send us your CV and open application to:


KÄÄPÄ Biotech is a biotechnology company committed to healthier humans and ecosystems.


We research, innovate and develop novel industry solutions with fungi, we are the world’s largest cultivator of chaga, have our own extraction product line for both consumers and businesses, and we work on bringing to market cutting edge research.  Our company culture is demanding, fast paced at times and relaxed at times, research focused, open, inclusive, and forward thinking.  We expect the most out of people who join our existing 20 person team.

KÄÄPÄ Biotech has three subdivisions: KÄÄPÄ Forest, KÄÄPÄ Mushrooms and Nordic Mushrooms. KÄÄPÄ Forest manages the largest chaga cultivation network in the world and promotes versatile use of forests. KÄÄPÄ Mushrooms manages one of Europe’s largest outdoor mushroom farms and produces organic mushroom extracts. Nordic Mushrooms is a wholesale division of Finnish grown organic mushrooms extracts.



We at KÄÄPÄ Biotech believe in responsibility in all our decisions and actions. We value transparency in our business practices throughout our whole supply chain. Our company is guided by scientific research and we all share a growth mindset, which requires flexibility and ability to prioritize, lead and execute projects effectively.